September 12, 2010

Did You Take My Shampoo? Did You, Troy?

 A friend called me yesterday to tell me she had seen a picture of a football player who had more hair than me! My friend is pretty obsessed with big curly hair as hers is fine and poker straight. Yes ladies, we always want what we cannot have! When I looked at the picture, I immediately recognized Troy Polamalu from the hilarious Head & Shoulders latest commercial. Sadly, I had to break the news to my friend: while Troy has a beautiful naturally curly mane, he was definitely wearing a wig on that picture. My friend's fantasy came crashing down. Don't thank me. That's what friends are for!

It seems that many companies are attempting to follow the Old Spice model: ridiculous, funny and therefore memorable. Some attempts are just fine like the Gilette "Clean Your Balls" but Polamalu makes me chuckle every time I watch him.




  1. hahaha so funny! just today I bought this shampoo... let's see :-D

  2. Troy is a cutie, indeed!

    Oh Irene, we'll see if you can get bigger hair!


  3. да его прическе позавидовать можно))


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