September 15, 2010

Two new foundations battle it out - Guerlain vs. Burberry!

I totally love foundation and there is just something about a luxe brand of foundation that really makes my heart sing!  Of course foundations are the beauty product that most often turn out to be a disappointment for me because they usually don't have a light enough shade for me.  Strangely, this problem seems to happen more often with the drug store brands, even though they usually have a larger colour range!  Expensive foundations that generally have a limited range of colours usually have a good pale colour - does this mean rich people stay inside too much?  Could be, I'm just happy they do! So I thought I would try a new foundation from an established line as well as a foundation from a new line - Guerlain and Burberry Beauty, check it out:

Guerlain Lingerie De Peau - Invisible Skin-Fusion Foundation - 30ml - $62 - in 6 shades:  02 Beige clair, 03 Beige naturel, 04 Beige moyen, 12 Rose clair, 13 Rose naturel and 23 Doré naturel - The spiel is that it "contains Bio-fusion micro-mesh for a unique affinity with the skin.  Unprecedented association of natural textile fibers and synthetic polymers to unify, smooth and shape the complexion"  Which sounds good and I took it to mean that I would put this stuff on my face and it would be so perfect and weightless that I wouldn't even know it was there - and I'm assuming that's what it means because that's exactly what it does!  I am using the lightest colour - Beige clair and it might be just the slightest bit too dark but it's really close and as long as I blend it well along the jawline, it disappears completely, so I'm happy with the colour.  But seriously, after you blend it into your skin you absolutely don't feel like there is any foundation on your face, which is my definition of the perfect foundation!  It has buildable coverage which is great and as I usually prefer a light coverage, it takes very little product to achieve that.  One pump is enough for medium coverage over your whole face so if you want light coverage, go with just half a pump.  And of course the bottle is beautiful - and heavy - if anyone breaks into my house I plan on winging this thing at them!

Available now at Guerlain Boutiques, Holt Renfrew, Ogilvy, Murale, The Bay, Sears and selected Shoppers Drug Marts.
Burberry Beauty Luminous Sheer Fluid Foundation - 30ml - $66 - in 9 shades and is intended for normal to dry skin.  Of course this is totally not meant for my combo skin - they have a powder foundation for that skin type, but I am simply not a fan of powder foundation, I like liquid, so I ignored their intentions and did what I wanted!  Again, it comes in a beautiful heavy bottle - I would buy this just to display on my dressing table even if they didn't have the right colour but thanks to the pale rich people, the lightest colour works well for me.  The formula is very buildable so unless you want full coverage and plan on layering it, a full pump is way more then a normal sized face would need, even half a pump was too much for a sheer look, I used about 1/3 of a pump for the perfect amount!  As the name would have you believe it goes on both luminous and sheer - there was a noticeable brightness to my skin where it was applied and it didn't look at all cakey.  Unfortunately it really is meant for normal to dry skin - while it wasn't heavy feeling it really does have some moisturizing properties to it because it made my oily areas look and feel oilier.  On my normal areas it was perfect so I have put this one aside to take out again in the winter when my skin goes from combo to normal/dry.  Normal to dry skinned ladies will want to take a look at this one though, especially if you are looking for a foundation to add a little moisture to your life (and face)!

Available at Holt Renfrew.

- Lisamarie -

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