September 16, 2010

Dr. Hauschka Spa thinks you're golden - or at least should be!

Women have been known to put some pretty strange stuff on their skin, but finally something that makes sense to me - Gold!
Dr. Hauschka Spa in Montreal is now offering a Holistic 24 Karat Gold Facial - for $270 you get a sumptuous two hour treatment where the lymphatic flow is stimulated to help eliminate toxins and make the skin receptive to the benefits of the gold.  The sheets are then applied as a mask to thoroughly cleansed skin.  Using light touches, they are then gently pressed into the skin so the effects can penetrate deeply.

I'm sure you are wondering how the heck gold could be good for your skin and if this is some kind of beauty scam, but there is actually science behind the use of gold:  much as gold is used as a conductor in electronics, gold exerts an influence on electrons present in the cells.  It rapidly warms the skin to provide a comforting sensation while helping increase oxygenation, balancing the acidity of the body tissue fluids and freeing the skin of impurities.  The heat energy also helps release negative ions and rid skin cells of free radicals.  As a result, wrinkles are diminished, blemishes banished, and age spots fade away.  The skin becomes genuinely luminous, and women report a feeling of complete inner and outer radiance.

The results last approximately 3 weeks.  A single treatment is ideal any time for an added glow, especially before a big event but for optimal results a series of six monthly treatments is recommended.

And if you have this done in February, you can look just like an Oscar!

You can find the Dr. Hauschka Spa at 1444 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montreal, QC - 514-286-1444.


  1. Cool! I wish I lived in Montreal to get this done.

  2. I know! Doesn't it look awesome!

    Best, Lisamarie


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