September 13, 2010

You're Too Fat for Club Monaco, Max Azria's $400 Dress Falls apart and Denis Gagnon Saves the Day!

Denis Gagnon pour Bedo
It's a good thing that I'm comfortable with my size because otherwise shopping at Club Monaco would be a crushing experience. While looking for a few new outfits to wear at TIFF events (Toronto Film Festival), my shopping trip led me to Club Monaco. I do like their clothes: nice, classic, great for the office... but also completely overpriced. That's why I only visit Club Monaco when they have sales. But this time, sales or not, I needed an outfit. A super skinny sales assistant tried to cover my body with a shapeless dress "because it would fit a larger bottom". I know she was trying to be diplomatic about it but she looked so uncomfortable with the topic of curves and body shape, it was weird. I looked at the dress: there was nothing sexy about it. I told you I was going to a TIFF party, idiot, not to a retirement home.  I also had to educate her about what neckline better suits pear shape figures. I then noticed a cute dress that would look great on me - she announced that the biggest size they had was a size 4.  I guess, we don't have your size, then! For a second I felt sorry for all the plus-size ladies who probably hear that frequently.  
Bitch, wait. I'm going to try it on. The dress actually looked fine on me, but I just didn't like it that much. In the meantime, the sales assistant had abandoned me as there was nothing else in the store that would fit me.
I left this store thinking that Club Monaco has a very weird attitude. This is North America, most people aren't size 4 or 6. Also you're not Chanel, your clothes are all made in China, why the attitude? 

Undeterred, I went to BCBG by Max Azria. Complete different attitude there: the sales assistant was lovely and made me squeeze into a couple of tight dresses!  
"It's beautiful, beautiful!"
Me: "It's... tight and very revealing."
"No, no you have a nice figure! It's sexy."
While I appreciated her vote of confidence,  I'm not that slutty (despite what Lisamarie says)  and I picked a long elegant midnight blue dress instead. Unfortunately, the dress was already falling apart. No way, I was going to spend $200 (down from $400) on a dress that was already in that state. Sorry, I don't care about the label. I want something that looks good and lasts for a little while, you know.

My last stop was at Bedo. I wasn't particularly hopeful. But I was wrong. So wrong! I tried one dress from the Denis Gagnon collection for Bedo. It fitted like a glove, it was comfortable but it also looked sexy and original. Added bonus: it was inexpensive ($98 for the zipper dress)! The sales assistants helped me accessorize it - and they were good - you know, just normal young women who like fashion! If you want designer pieces at great prices, this Denis Gagnon line is a must buy! I will probably go back to Bedo to pickup a couple more pieces!

The lesson here is clear: an affordable dress can look more expensive than an expensive one!

All pictures - Denis Gagnon for Bedo



  1. Love the story! I've often learnt this the hard way..
    An expensive price tag does not necessarily mean that you're going to a)look good, b)good quality merch or c)be what you want.

    Sometimes that cheap ones make me feel less guilty, especially if I ruin them with mustard when I'm eating my $10 dollar hotdog downtown. And I'm okay with that! Great article Christelle!

    I would think that shops would make more money with more sizes.. Or is that just me crazy thinking..

  2. it's a shame you had that experience at club monaco, i've never encountered any snooty SA's in the stores near me. still, you're right, it's club monaco, not chanel. sheesh!

    i actually LOVE bedo for dresses! they have some amazing styles and for great prices. i've bought a few from there and i still love them. zara's great for dresses too, i find. there's one i've been wearing since 2005/6 and it's still in great condition.

  3. Thanks ladies. I don't think the Club Monaco SA was trying to be a bitch but yeah the clothes selection is clearly geared towards petite women - which is fine - but they should advertise it as such so I would not waste my time there - I think the biggest size I've ever come across there was an 8. For your information, I'm also 5'7, so it's not like I'm ever going to fit in a size 0 anyway!


  4. Oh dude...that was a bit of a brutal experience... you're right, Club Monaco clothing is oddly expensive for their quality, $220 for a cardigan?! I think not!
    I struggle to find small sizes in Western countries, but get told I'm too fat when I shop in Asia. Asian sales assistants are super blunt when it comes to sizing, they take one look at my ex swimmer's shoulders and loudly declare that nothing in the shop will fit me. End of discussion, walk away and gossip.

  5. Ha ha. Yes, they are quite blunt and the SA was Asian ;)
    See when I shopped in China, I understood I was a big girl over there, but this is Toronto...come on!


  6. Wow!
    Go to H&M they will treat you well there... sizes from 0 to 16.

  7. Hehe Jenn, thanks. I should be alright with that range ;)


  8. 'Kay first of all you are not even fat! Second, I've been to Club Monaco recently for a dress too and I completely agree with you on the size thing. I have quite a booty and it was just awkward trying to get in their clothes.

    I'll have to check out Bedo next time. Thanks for sharing your shopping experiences. :)

  9. You should've pulled a "Pretty Woman" on them. Remember that scene when Julia Roberts walks into the store on Rodeo Drive and the saleswomen are bitchy to her, so she comes back to show them all of her purchases? LOVE that!!!

  10. Try Banana Repulic. They're sizing is, let's just say, "generous".

    I am a size 0/2 and stores are constantly out of my size. I always see 6/8/10 available, though. So people of your size aren't the only ones "suffering"


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