September 27, 2010

Kevin Murphy introduces new hair products - and that's no porky!

It was a beautiful day poolside at C Lounge at 450 Wellington Street West in Toronto a couple of Wednesdays ago when Australian hair god, Kevin Murphy hosted a lunch for the media to launch some cool new products.

If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting Kevin or trying his line, you should - Kevin is very charming and the products are really fun!  I can't really help you with an intro to Kevin but I can introduce you to the new products so read on my friends!

Hair models were on hand to show off what the products can do and to also prove that short people (me) can not take decent pictures of impossibly tall models!

Powder.Puff - 14g - $26 - this unique powder volumiser contains seaweed, apple, plum, cranberry and citrus extracts.  It's easy to use, you just shake a tiny amount onto dry hair massage between your fingers for instant volume!  Not only is this a wonderful product for fine haired folks like me, it can also double as a dry shampoo if your hair is just a little bit dirty (it's not meant to be one though so don't try this trick on really dirty hair!)
Night.Rider - 110g - $22 - a paraben free paste that provides a touch hold and a rough matte texture for short or choppy looks.  Can be used on damp or dry hair.  My only caution is you need to work fast and in small sections if you are doing something fancy as it sets quite quickly!
Jet.Pak - $43 - A kit perfect for the world traveler it contains 5 generously sized travel essentials: Hydrate-Me.Wash - 40ml, Hydrate-Me.Rinse - 40ml, Anti.Gravity - 40ml, Session.Spray - 50ml and Fresh.Hair - 57ml
Luxury.Wash - 250ml - $25 - an ultra rich shampoo that is sulphate and paraben free with ingredients specifically suited for the needs of thick, coarse hair including: mango butter which has excellent moisturizing properties to counteract the effects of permanent colour and chemical damage, buriti nut oil which is a natural source of vitamin A and gives the hair elasticity and shine.

Luxury.Rinse - 250ml - $25 - with the same benefits of the shampoo it has the ability to make the hair more supple and improves flexibility on hair that is naturally course.  It's especially good for curly hair as it has the right hydro lipid balance that suits the needs of curly hair as too much moisture can result in flyaways and frizz.

I have totally the wrong hair type to give you any sort of opinion for these ones so Christelle has been testing them and will have a review soon so stay tuned!

Check out to find out where you can pick up Kevin Murphy products near you!

- Lisamarie -


  1. Nice products. A must try for me.

  2. Sulfate & paraben free? Sounds good to me! The model's hair is soo voluminous, the products must do their job well :)

  3. I love his products! They smell heavenly and once in a while, they offer special deals like a humungous size of shampoo plus a conditioner for free! I HIGHLY recommend his line.


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