June 11, 2010

Cream Blushes - Giorgio Armani, Make Up For Ever, Pixi, Elizabeth Arden, NARS and Smashbox!

If you are lightening up your makeup for summer, consider trying out a liquid or cream blush.  They tend to be sheerer and much more blendable!  As they have been becoming more popular more companies have been coming out with their own formulations and here are some that I have been loving this year:

Giorgio Armani Blushing Fabric Second Skin Blush - 20ml - $45 - Colour 1 - translucent strawberry

Blushing fabric is a coloured layer of air formulated with a Microfil 3D technology.  The pigments are meant to be translucent and intense.

I tried the lightest one - I don't normally post pictures but I'm making an exception because I wanted you to see just how sheer and glowy the colour is.  This is actually 2 layers of the colour - I wanted to make sure the camera captured the colour, with one layer it was more of a faint rosy glow.  This is probably the colour I would recommend if you are also fair.  It also comes in 2 - fresh baby pink and 3 - shimmering apricot pink which are both darker.

Here's how they recommend you apply it:  apply a small amount of Blushing Fabric on the back of the hand and melt the texture with the tip of the fingers.  Infuse Blushing Fabric with the fingers going from the apple of the cheek to the temples.  Spread the product "drawing" an 8.  Repeat the movement for a precise application.  Use what is left of the texture to add a subtle touch of colour on the eyelids and the lips.  It can be worn alone or over foundation.  It's limited edition and available at Holt Renfrew.

Make Up For Ever High Definition Blush - 10ml - $29 - Colour 4 - Walk of Shame - if you don't love them for any other reason, love them for the names!  With 14 colours (and crazy names) to choose from, there is something for everyone here.  I tried Walk of Shame which Sephora describes as bubblegum pink - I don't think it was quite as bright as that description - maybe a Bazooka Joe kind of bubblegum but anyhow it is a lovely pink.  Now with most liquid blushes I find I try not to blend them too much or they lose their colour but with this one I blended to my hearts content and the pigment didn't seem to disappear which was nice.  For most liquid makeups I really appreciate a pump container but for this one, I think I would prefer a squeeze tube, it's just too easy to pump out too much product with this one as you need so little of it for each application!

Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel - 10ml - $20 - Flushed - Does anyone remember the gel blush that Bonne Bell used to make in that really bright red colour?  This one is similar in texture and is also a scary looking colour in the tube but very subtle on the face.  I really thought it was going to look like dried blood but it was incredibly sheer on the skin which makes it very layerable. Available at www.pixibeauty.com

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Cream Blush - $30 - Pink - oil free and containing Vitamins A,C & E this blush delivered a more matte looking finish than some of the others which was perfect on really hot days as I get shiny looking enough on my own.  I also like the mirrored compact as this is the kind of beauty product that I would reapply on the go for an evening out which is much easier to do in the subway with a mirror handy rather then trying to use your seat mates reflective sunglasses - if you don't know them, they just end up looking at you weird!

NARS Cream Blush - $30 - Enchanted - from the summer 2010 collection this is the first peach coloured cream blush that I have ever owned and if I knew this would be so flattering on a fair skinned gal, I would have acquired myself one much sooner!  It has a subtle shimmer to it and also looks beautiful layered with my powder Orgasm blush! Available at Sephora, sephora.com and Murale.
Smashbox Highlights/Creamy Cheek Color - $30 - from the summer Naked Beauty Collection - I bought this because I loved the blush colour and not only is it beautiful on it's own, but becomes much sheerer and glimmery when you mix the highlighter with it!  The highligher is also great by itself on the temples and browbone!

- Lisamarie -


  1. Wow, all these great cream blushes to choose from. Which would you say is your most recommended product to purchase given the price and the quality of the product?

  2. LOL Sheila, that's like asking a mother which one of her children she likes best! For pure luxury, you can't beat the Giogio Armani and really, you use so little of the product at one time that the tube will last ages! The NARS peach colour is gorgeous, so if you are into peaches, you can't go wrong with it! And if it's colour choice you want, you can't go wrong with the MUFE - so many colours!

    Best, Lisamarie

  3. OOh Nice lowdown on cream blushes. You definitely own a few good'uns.

    I spied the armani fabrics a while back, They look amazing. I've only ever tried the Illamasqua cream blushes and I want MOREE. =)

  4. Oooo, I haven't tried the Illamasqua one - I do love their eyeshadows - are the cream blushes as good?

    Best, Lisamarie

  5. So many people want to try to improve the look of their skin through beauty products. Why not just eat healthy? Get sunlight, drink clean water?


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