December 8, 2011

Everyone loves a winner - when you're not envying the heck out of them that is!

It's been another month of winning here at Beauty Crazed which means there are a lot more people out there with new stuff!

The La Roche Posay contest coughed up 25 sensitive souls:  Amy M. from Allenford, ON, Elaine A. from Toronto, ON, Jan P. from Barrie, ON, Kelly W. from Calgary, AB, Patricia C. from Courtenay, BC, Joyce W. from Toronto, ON, Phey S. from Mississauga, ON, Jinath H. from Concord, ON, Tina L. from Toronto, ON, Tracy D from Calgary, AB, Angela M. from Beaver Bank, NS, Rebecca R. from Calgary, AB, Theresa G. from Ottawa, ON, Linnea S. from Calgary, AB, Laura H. from Ottawa, ON, Anne-Marie T. from Delta, BC, Alice X. from Edmonton, AB, Belinda M. from Winnipeg, MN, Melanie B. from Montreal, QC, Fiona M. from Markham, ON, Stefanie M. from Saint Hubert, QC, Abigail R. from Toronto, ON, Shery H. from Toronto, ON, Julie W. from Ottawa, ON

Jane D. from Ottawa, ON won all of Meaghan Martin's favourite things including a scarf that I understand Jane absolutely adores!

Natasha W. from Edmonton, AB has a great big box of Maybelline makeup after winning the Maybelline fall collection contest!

The Green Works magic cleaning fairies will be visiting Karla S. from Botwood, NL as well as leaving her their line of cleaning products after winning the Green Works contest!

Tracy D. from Bedford, NS won a bag full of wonderfulness in the Upper Canada Soap contest!

Ashley W. from Vancouver, BC is the luckiest person ever after scoring the mega-cosmetic-prize in the Fall contest!

We had 5 days of winning courtesy of eBeauty and the winners are:  Day 1 - Carmela O. from Unionville, ON, Day 2 - Steph S. from Bradford, ON, Day 3 - Marie-Eve L. from Trois-Rivieres, QC, Day 4 - Stephanie N. from Toronto, ON, Day 5 - Natasha W. from Vancouver, BC

Lisa C. from Toronto, ON is the happy winner of the latest and greatest from the Avon contest!

Wow I'm exhausted just writing it all out! Not one of the winners or greedy and want more? Here's what is going on now:

For Canadians and ending soon:
The GOSH winter collection is up for grabs - contest ends tomorrow so make sure you enter here!
Nail perfection is yours for the asking (and winning) from Trind Natural Nail Care with their Perfect System Kit - contest ends Monday so go enter here!

And everyone should get naked with us and enter to win a selection of nude palettes - check it out and enter here! As well as come back this afternoon to enter the amazing Maybelline Baby Lips contest!

And of course you've all been voting for Beauty Crazed in the Lancôme Luxe Box competition, right? You can get more details here! It ends tomorrow so we'd appreciate your votes!

Winners should feel free to brag in the comment section, bitter losers, feel free to whine!

- Lisamarie -


  1. Thanks! I love my Kronos Shampoo and Conditioner :)

  2. Yay, thanks for holding such great giveaways!

  3. Loving La Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra!!!
    Reviewing it as I use it...
    Probably the best lotion for my fall/winter sensitive skin!
    Would definitely get a bottle when the one I got runs out~

  4. YAY Congrats to everyone... INCLUDING ME :D

  5. Definitely voted for you in the Lancome contest.. and I am LOVING the La Roche Posay Ultra. I will be doing a post about it soon, I can't thank you enough!


  7. God how jealous I am. What would I do to win that big fall contest. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *____________________________________________*

  8. This is so generous; thank you so much!! The Roche Posay arrived very speedily and I can't wait to try it out :)


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