December 9, 2011

Get the coolest hair ever from Kevin Murphy thanks to bugs and mermaids!

Celebrity stylist, Kevin Murphy is up to his usual crazy wonderfulness with a couple of new products perfect for creating memorable holiday hair!
Kevin Murphy Color.Bug - $20 - come in pink, purple and orange and are like makeup for your hair - whether your looking for a trendy ombre look, funky streaks or full head of coloured craziness! The colour is easy and temporary - for best results you just style your hair as normal then prep areas to be coloured with a styling spray for a more natural colour or creme or paste for a more intense colour - either step provides adhesive for the colour powder. Then you just rub the Color.Bug directly onto the damp, product-treated hair and gently shake out any excess powder. Fun right?! Check out the results on the third model in the top picture.
Or be a super slinky mermaid with The.Mermaid.Hair.Kit - $39.99 - contains: Hair.Resort.Spray - a non-aerosol beach texturizer to prepare hair; 6 Wave.Clips - used to create the wave in lieu of heat tools; 6 Pin.Clips - to secure them in place; and a Texture.Net - that acts as a barrier during the drying process to prevent flyaways. The kit includes instructions on how to get the look but should you need something more visual, it also features a QR code that you can scan with your smart phone and be linked directly to the podcast with Kevin's step-by-step instructional video on how to create the look. You can check out the results on the right hand model in the top picture.

You'll be pleased to know that as usual, the products are biodegradable, paraben and sulphate free and all packaging is 100% recyclable!

You can find a salon carrying the products by visiting

- Lisamarie -


  1. The colour bug concept is great!
    Easy and temporary~

  2. I think so. Just go to the salon finder page and it will find one close to you:


    Best, Lisamarie


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