December 13, 2011

Misa Nail Lacquer - Like It Like That, Pay Days Are Happy Days and Relax Don't Do It - swatches!

I love discovering new things so when I was recently introduced to the Misa polish line - which I had actually never heard of before, I was very excited! From what I understand, you hard-core nail fanatics have been keeping it a closely guarded secret - well ha, secret's out now!

There are many things that make it a line worth looking at: it has an immense array of colours (over 120); is naturally glossy without the use of a topcoat; contains nano silver particles that create a stronger bond between the lacquer and nail surface to resist chipping; and because the polishes are professional grade and meant to be used by professional manicurists - they maintain an excellent shelf life with a formula that prevents pigment migration, striation and settling over long periods of time - this is not only good for the pros but also those of use with waaaaaay too many polishes!

As well they have a line of 30 Art Lacquers - with tiny little brushes that are small enough to create the minutest  details and a higher pigment concentration to enhance and define any type of artwork!
Of course seeing is believing so I gave a few of them a go:
If you are all about colour, Like It Like That - is a wonderful metallic green that is very festive!
Or if you're more about the nudes, Pay Days Are Happy Days - is a very neutral putty!
Relax Don't Do It Nail Art

So let me just preface this my saying - I'm not a nail art kind of person, just painting my nails in the normal way is a challenge for me so doing anything fancy is well beyond any expertise I may possess! So this is just (somewhat sad) proof that even a total nail art loser like me can draw a fairly straight line with the brush, which really is very fine - I'm sure you creative types will be able to do all kinds of amazing things with it!

Available for your painting pleasure at if you're in the States. Canadians don't despair though, Trade Secrets carries the line!

- Lisamarie -


  1. I own Like It Like That and LOVE it :)
    Misa polishes are so great, often they are one coaters! :)

  2. I'm a new Misa fan too! Great formula and nice brush. I love Office Polish-tics, a dusty greyed-out dark blue. I also have Coffee Pick Me Up, a slightly mauve-toned taupe that is *very* similar to the classic Sephora by OPI Metro Chic and it's many dupes.


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