December 1, 2011

Get styled to surprise with Penningtons for the holidays!

I'm proud to say that I finished my Christmas shopping this week and the last present I had to pick up was a sweater for a plus sized friend. After attending the Penningtons event back in the fall, I was pretty sure that I would find something nice for her there and again I was really impressed at all the stylish pieces that were available, I must admit I was disappointed that some of them didn't come in my size! This is the sweater I picked up and following are a few other pieces that caught my eye.

Belted Sweater - $49.99 - in sizes X - 5X

Sequin Tank - $39.99 - sizes X - 5X
Lace Dress - $89.99 - sizes X - 5X
Lace Blouse - $44.99 - sizes X - 5X, Tank Top - $19.99 - sizes X - 4X, Belted Pencil Skirt - $39.99 - sizes 14 - 26

 I know our Penningtons winner is enjoying her gift card and some of you have been asking about the dressing room surprise from the event so here you go: surprise revealed and enjoy!

- Lisamarie -

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