December 6, 2011

Test Driving Kérastase Ritual Treatments!

Go ahead, admire my soft, fluffy hair! Intrigued about how I got it? Then read on...

In the past few weeks I've made a couple visits to the Solo Bace Salon at 860 Yonge Street in Toronto for a Kérastase Ritual Treatment. If you've never heard of  it, it's a dual-action 10 minute treatment that works deep down in the hair fibre and scalp. If you're an instant gratification kind of person then you will like the amazing results achieved in such a short space of time!

What results will you achieve? Well they will actually be very individualized to your own particular hair needs/problems, when you go in for your treatment they will assess what it is your hair needs - the more damaged your hair the more often they recommend you come in until it is looking/feeling healthy again - after that you should get a in-salon treatment once a month or every time you visit your hairdresser for a cut as well as use the line of at-home products to help keep up the results.
My treatment consisted of a wash, then a strengthening treatment was sprayed into my hair and left for 3 minutes followed by a masque that was left in for 7 minutes. Honestly though the best part is what happens while the treatments are sitting in your hair - can you say head massage - only my 2 favourite words in the English language! While waiting, or maybe even to help the product penetrate, I was treated to the most amazing and relaxing head massage - the kind that I could have fallen asleep to - heaven! After the masque they rinsed me off and after a blow out by the lovely Shaareen, I was left with the soft, silky, shiny flippy hair that you can see in the first and this pic.

Speaking of which, these photos were taken by the very talented Josh Fee - you can check out his work at  - he also does weddings and when asked will tell you horrifying stories of weddings gone very, very wrong!
Here are some of the at-home products available to help enhance the results of the spa treatment:

Kérastase Résistance Bain de Force - 250ml - $36 - reinforcing and resurfacing shampoo for weakened and damaged hair that reinforces the hair and resurfaces the outer layer of the fibre with a protective film.
Ciment Anti-Usure - 200ml - $44 - reinforcing and resurfacing treatment for damaged lengths and ends to fortify the hair's internal structure and resuface the external layer of the fibre.
Fibre Architecte Renovating Dual Serum - 30ml - $44 - a leave-in serum that helps repair very damaged hair and split ends
Masque Force Architecte - 200ml - $57 - a reconstructing masque for brittle, very damaged hair and split ends.
Double Force Multi-Protective Spray - 300ml - $36 - helps protect weakened hair from climate-specific factors as well as provides a controlled hold.
And my particular favourite:

Elixir Ultime - 125ml - $50 - good for all hair types it contains a combination of camellia, argan, maize and pracaxi oils to give you hair that is nourished, protected and enhanced and leaves it feeling light, soft and supple with incredible shine. I have become a big fan of hair oils recently and this is one of the best ones I've tried - I have fine hair so I have to be careful not to use anything too heavy or my hair just ends up looking greasy. This one is light, smells amazing and leaves my hair soft and shiny!

Book your own Kérastase Ritual Treatment at the Solo Bace Salon at 416-962-4250 - the nicest part other than the healthy hair that will result is the price won't break the bank, it's only $26 a treatment. Of course if you're feeling flush, you can treat yourself to a more intensive Kérastase Kerathermie Treatment that lasts about an hour and will set you back $135.

You can also go to to find other salons in Canada that offer the treatment.

Feel free to pet me the next time you see me, you know you want to!

- Lisamarie -


  1. I have sadly fallen in love with the Kerastase line..I just wish they weren't as expensive. Your hair looks beautiful!


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