September 21, 2012

Calm down with Aveeno, Tata Harper, Jack Black and Vitamints

Let's face it, life is stressful - all you can do is take deep breaths (and drink) and try to deal (and drink) - luckily there are products out there to help you achieve a little calm within you stress filled days.

Here are a few I like:

Aveeno Stress Relief Body Wash - 354ml - $8.99 - calms, relaxes and improves your sense of well-being while it cleanses and moisturizes with natural colloidal oatmeal - for its ability to moisturize and relaxing lavender, chamomile and ylang-ylang oils - for their calming benefits.

Being soap and dye-free it's suitable for all skin types, even sensitive while its creamy formula and soothing scent will make shower time a relaxing and pleasurable experience.

Tata Harper Skincare Aromatherapy Stress Treatment - 5ml - $80 - a soothing and uplifting blend of florals and essential oils that can help dispel anxiety and stress and promote relaxation.

With 10 active natural ingredients including:
-Linden Blossom deeply calms with its sedative properties
-Rose Otto gently alleviates anxiety and strengthens the inner spirit
-Fresh floral Neroli uplifts and soothes the nerves; can help alleviate panic attacks, hysteria and shock
-Frankincense deepens the breathing and relaxes mind and body

You just take a couple of drops, rub them between the heels of your hands and breathe in deeply - it is amazing how fast it calms you down. I highly recommending doing this before getting on the subway during rush hour or seeing your in-laws at Christmas!

Go to for more info or to order.
For the boys, we've got something to calm your sensitive face especially with all that shaving you have to do! Jack Black Dry Erase Ultra Calming Face Cream - 73ml - $42 -a powerful, non-greasy cream that provides immediate and lasting moisturization for dry skin, calms sensitive skin and helps reduce redness and irritation. Great for even the most sensitive skin due to the certified organic ingredients with no fragrance, parabens or colourants.

Available at Sephora and Holt Renfrew.
Vitamints Calm - pack of 60 - $16.99 - scientifically formulated to help you maintain a healthy mood as well as help support the body’s stress coping mechanisms. With: Siberian Ginseng to help the body adapt to challenges, support cognitive functions and help maintain normal mental functioning; Vitamin B for the regulation of mental processes and possibly mood; and Vitamin C to help maintain mental health.

Available at GNC - visit for more information.

- Lisamarie -

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