September 12, 2012

This week I'm obsessed with... Telus hippos!

Is it weird to look forward to commercials just to see adorable Telus animals? Probably, but that kind of behaviour really should be expected from me at this point and really people, a hippo in a sling? What kind of monster doesn't find joy in that?! Of course the subliminal message in these commercials are "Lisamarie, you neeeeeeeeeed a smartphone!" Yes, it's true, I do not have a smartphone...
I've been eying the Nokia Lumia 610 which is a apparently a great starter device for technology losers (like me) - but let's face it, I just like it because it's pink! And I don't actually want it to call anybody with or even use it for e-mail - I want apps! I keep hearing about all these amazing apps that I'm sure would make my life absolutely perfect and organized if only I had them: - to sort out my personal finances, Daily Deeds - for my to-do list and - for shopping lists and meal planning! Not to mention all the great fashion and beauty apps that could only make my life a better place...

Phone pros and cons gratefully received in the comments!

- Lisamarie -

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