September 12, 2012

Going glam at the Murale/Sally Hershberger TIFF Suite!

It's a tough life being a star, I mean really, all kinds of  people pampering and primping you to make you look your most fabulous all the time?! Horrendous!

I had a chance to experience the hardships of celebrity first hand last week at the Murale/Sally Hershberger TIFF Suite and what a whirlwind of activity it was!

First up was hair - Sally wasn't around yet that day so I was put into the capable hands of Sally Hershberger Stylist, Leland Ferrell, who with something akin to magic, turned my flat, blah hair into a body-full wonderland! Okay maybe not so much magic and more like Plump Up Thickening Mist - truly a miracle worker!
Murale Beauty Master, Shannon Burnstun was in charge of my face and with a little help from Stila and Chanel had my complexion looking flawless, my eyes smouldering and had chosen the prettiest berry colour for my lips!
DUO Professional Eyelashes technician, Mariana Georghiou was giving everyone the glamour look, I hadn't planned on having my lashes done but Shannon talked me into it. I've had extensions and a few individual lashes before but never a full strip so I was a little worried that it would look super fake but they have styles that come in every thickness and length you can think of so it was easy to get something more natural.
I went with D14 Short and Spiked - $12.99 - I apologize for the tired looking eyes, I didn't have a chance to take this picture until I came home late that night!
Deborah Lippmann polish changes where also in the offing from Chiara Williamsonwith and with so many amazing sparkly shades it was hard to choose! After much deliberation I went with:
Candy Shop - pink with every colour of sparkle you can think of, what's not to love?!
I checked out the Express accessories and fell in love with the cutest little octopus ring - it's the first ring on the right there, squint and look really close and you'll see it!
And then learned a new way to get the all-important Vitamin D that my body is probably deficient of considering how much I avoid the sun!

Skin Authority VitaD Fortified Topical Elixir - 30ml - $79 - with a multi action, lightweight and oil and paraben-free formula that provides a topical done of Vitamin D as well as essential nutrients to nourish the skin for firm, bright luminosity. Available at Murale. Check out for more info.

I can only assume that famous people sleep a lot to recover from the constant pampering because man, I'm still exhausted!

- Lisamarie -


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