September 14, 2012

Get ready for Nordstrom people!

If you've been craving a little more luxury in your life, you're in luck, starting in Fall 2014, the high-end American retailer, Nordstrom will start rolling out four new Canadian locations! Those of you cross-border cosmetic shoppers who are tired of paying the shipping fees or being thwarted by the dreaded "restricted" products issue are sure to be especially happy!

Tentatively scheduled to open as follows:
Calgary Chinook Centre - Fall 2014
Ottawa Rideau Centre - Spring 2015
Vancouver Pacific Centre - Spring 2015
Toronto Sherway Gardens - Fall 2016

It's seems very unfair that they are making me wait the longest, I'm going to need to speak to them about that...

Nordstrom also announced it will continue exploring opportunities to open additional full-line stores as well as Nordstrom Racks, its off-price retail division, as part of the company's future expansion into Canada.

- Lisamarie -


  1. Wow! Awesome!! I hope it's nothing like Marshalls or Target Canada.... I really hope it will be the exact store!!??

  2. WOW That is awesome news! 2016 though? EEK!

  3. None here at all! Also, I was speaking to a certain pr person for a brand I love and they will not be in the Canadian stores. So it might mean some brands are STILL in the US only. It's legalities and exclusivity rights. So just like sephora, we still won't have access to some brands. GRRR!!!

    1. Of course there is a lot of time before they actually open - lots can change so hopefully some of those brands will be coming our way!

      Best, Lisamarie


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