September 19, 2012

Elvira from Pink Sith comes back for another go at nail stickers - this time Nail Bliss Bling Nail Appliques!

You know how some people like to harass a younger sibling or pull the wings off flies for entertainment? I've got something better, I send nail stickers to my buddy Elvira for her to review and then just sit and wait to hear her bellows of rage and frustration on this side of the border! Good time! Sadly, my efforts were thwarted this time as we seem to have finally found a brand that even Elvira is capable of applying without total frustration - Nail Bliss Bling Nail Appliques - $10.95 - they come in 12 sparkling patterns and you can find them at Trade Secrets - or if you head over to Elvira's, she might have a few extras... let's see what she has to say about them!

Lisamarie sent me a package of Nail Bliss Bling Nails ( over a month ago…maybe 2 months. And it has taken me this long to write about them. It took me extra long to write this review because I had to re-test this on one hand again, just to make sure I wasn’t going crazy. Thankfully my extra research paid off. I am no crazier than I was before I tried the Bliss Nails Bling Appliqués!

I think you are all well aware that Lisamarie is a sadist and likes to torture me by having me test out every stinking nail sticker under the sun. However I’m also insane, because I keep doing the same reviews over and over again while expecting a different result each time. Sadly the result is usually the same. Sad warped nail stickers with folds and creases that lift off my nails after about a day of wear.

Well my little Einsteins. I have managed to beat the system. I have followed the very definition of insanity “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” And I have FINALLY achieved a different result!

Cue Fireworks, Fanfare and Confetti!
Nail Bliss has developed a product that is so easy, so foolproof even an oaf like me can apply them with relative ease and still have fantastic results.
First of all these 3-D nail appliqués are shiny and bedazzled little works of art that comes 18 to a packet. You get one excellent full manicure out of it and multiple Accent nail, nail art manicures to boot. The package is non-descript except for the design of the Nail Bling you intend to apply. I received the Black Jewels. A shiny black base with raised multi colored shapes of diamonds, squares and circles covering the base. The appliqués come in one clear plastic sheet.

This makes them easy to size to your nails without peeling them off first and it also makes for a nice sleek package. Once I had decided which appliqués went on which nail I started to gently peel the appliqué from the sheet. I noticed immediately that these appliqués were thicker than most appliqués I have used in the past. The thickness combined with the 3-D art on the nail actually made application a complete breeze! All I did was place the appliqué firmly at the base of my nail and slowly and carefully laid it down over the rest of my nail making sure to avoid creases and folds by slight stretching and maneuvering. Then I folded over the remaining edge and filed it away with my glass nail file. I pressed down firmly after each application on each nail to ensure a good bond.
Once I was finished I was left with a sparkling cute manicure of raised “stones” on my nails. You can see that I had a little trouble with the pink nail folding up by the cuticle, but I managed to smooth it out. The manicure lasted 2 full days on all of my nails but I had been typing a lot that weekend so by the third day my index fingers were starting to peel. I just applied a bit of nail polish to them to try and seal the bond. By the 4th day it was apparent it was time to take the appliqués off. They removed easily by just peeling them off. I didn’t experience any damage to my natural nail in the process of peeling them off, and any glue that remained came off quickly with some polish remover.

Overall I was seriously impressed by the ease of application, durability and design. Yup! These are the Nail Bling appliqués you are looking for!

- Elvira & Lisamarie -


  1. They look wonderful! I experienced a bit of problems with some other nail foil brand, but I was fortunate enough to apply them over some nail polish and they did not affect my nail. It was so clingy that the nail polish came off with the foil, I don't wanna know what it would have happened if I had applied them over the bare nail...

  2. I am a technician but live to use these on my own nails cut the bits u have left up to do amazing nail art have had some on for 4 weeks no lifting love ur review of them


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