September 11, 2012

The IT Lounge - where celebrities, fashion and charity mingle!

The Toronto Film Festival is in full swing and although I haven't seen a single movie, I have been in plenty of gifting lounges and even seen a few stars (sadly not Alexander Skarsgård though, if you see him, tell him I'm in the book)!

Lounges are always full of pretty sparkly things (and people) and who doesn't love that - but one lounge in particular has impressed me not just with all the amazing outside things but with all the sparkly inside things!

NKPR's IT Lounge has a tradition of charitable giving and this year was no different - featuring an exclusive portrait studio led by acclaimed fashion and beauty photographer, Patrick Demarchelier -  guests were styled and shot with a charitable donation being made for every sitting.

Kandy with a K was on hand to satisfy your sweet tooth and as a reminder of the online candy boutique which raises funds for ten different causes including: Artists for Peace and Justice, At My Best, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada, Camp Oochigeas, Can Fund, Girls on the Run, Musicounts, Partners for Mental Health and Paws for the Cause. For more info or to order Kandy (the chocolate covered gummy bears are delish!) -

STiKS Gaming  was on site to launch APJ's Battle to Build which raises money for charities using the power of gaming. If you've ever wanted to go head-to-head with your fave celebrity you'll want to check it out - 100% of the proceeds go directly to support APJ's initiatives on the ground in Haiti! More info can be found at

Grain Farmers of Ontario and Great Lakes Biodiesel were there to recharge, refuel and relax visitors and where I had tasty treats, learned amazing things about soy that I never knew and then hung out on environmentally conscious furniture that is way nicer then the stuff I have at home! Check it out at and

As for outside sparkle, there was plenty of that too - lia sophia was present with their glamorous Red Carpet and Special Edition collection jewellery -; Tweezerman was cleaning up eyebrows and showing off the new Cynthia Rowley and Zebra Satin Etched line - and RW&CO was displaying the holiday collection that just makes you want to go to a party! - All while being fed and watered - Yogurty's (strawberry frozen yougurt topped with mini m&m's, yum)! with a SKYY Vodka TIFF cocktail chaser and some bottlegreen to wash it all down.

All in all, a perfect day!

- Lisamarie -

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