September 28, 2012

Test Driving Avon Anew Clinical Pro Line Eraser

Every once in a while one of the skincare companies will contact us wanting us to test out some brand new, top secret, cutting edge product they have coming out -

Despite what our writing might lead you to believe, we Beauty Crazed girls aren't stupid, how do we know that the stuff is any good and isn't going to turn our skin green or make it fall off?! That's where our loyal and gullible readers come in - we float the whole thing as some sort of reward and invite them to test out this wonderful new product from a prestigious company - genius no?!

Okay, mental note - remember to delete that top bit before posting this - we don't want the rubes catching on...

A couple of months ago Avon asked for our help with trying out an innovative new product. At the time we didn't know it but now can say is:

Avon Anew Clinical Pro Line Eraser Treatment - 30ml - $44.99 - with an exclusive A-F 33 molecule that was inspired by Nobel prize-winning research and developed through an alliance with NeoStrata. It's designed to not only spark collagen production but also to actually intercept and deactivate collagen blockers.

Of course we don't like to hog wonderful opportunities like this to ourselves so we put out a call to find a reader who would enjoy the chance to try it out for us!

Enter Sarah - a 44 year old with pale, sensitive skin that has a tendency towards dryness, some wrinkles, rosacea and breakouts...

Avon Anew - top secret test

With some degree of trepidation, I put the lotion on my face. Was Lisamarie legit, or was this some sort of test to see if people (me) obey the internet without question.
{damn, she's on to us!} Luckily, she was skin did not turn blue or purple or polka dotted.

Details around the product were minimal, but I believe it to be a serum. I used it for a month until every last drop was squeezed out of the tub. In a word - LOVE! My skin responded very well to the product. We had very hot days - I didn’t break out in bumps. I wasn’t overly moisturized or greasy, but my skin was plump and purring. I have rosacea, and while it didn’t reduce redness, it didn’t aggravate it either. I think in conjunction with a rosacea-specific product, it would be true love forever. I tried smelling it, and the smell was mild to non-existent. I don’t want to say “no smell” because there may be others more sensitive than me, but pretty darn close. Best stress wrinkle between my eyebrows was minimized. It soaked up the product and pumped up, making me look younger and beautiful, not like a raisin.

Along the lines of youth, I put some on my 11-year old daughter. She had no adverse reactions, aside from angst, clothing/makeup obsession and a bit of back-talking. But I’m not convinced it was the product that caused those reactions.
Now that it's been released, I will be picking up some for sure! 

Get yours from your Avon rep - 1-800-265-AVON or online at

- Sarah & Lisamarie -

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  1. Wow I am feeling so lucky to be the first to comment on this awesome post....Yup I am
    currently using Avon products and I am very happy
    to tell you that I find this brand very good and effective...I will definitely go for an eraser treatment...


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