November 13, 2009

Red Carpet Fashion for The Color-Blind by Kirsten Stewart

They should have put a warning label on these clothes. Something along those lines: "This outfit may induce seizure, shock, dismay and a deep depressive state. You may lose your appetite or even the will to live. Look at your own risks."

Kirsten Stewart's top reminds me of my little brother's  pajamas in 1988. The fool should have kept them, I mean they would be red carpet worthy in 2009, apparently! And how about that skirt? Why does it have the color of an old wilted lettuce? I would also like to know how the skirt and the top connect together. It's one of those life mysteries, I guess.

I've been staring at this picture for a few minutes now and I am indeed losing the will to live. Whenever bad fashion happens, I ask myself: should I have a drink to ease the pain? I know it's only 9am but, like I said, I've already lost the will to live, this is an emergency. Besides, it's cocktail time somewhere in the world.

The problem is whenever I look at Kirsten's red carpet outfits, they always drive me to drink. She thinks she looks young, hip and cooler than us...and all I see is a looooong flashback of Avril Lavigne's bad fashion, which makes me want to drink even more. All that talk about drinking makes me thirsty. I have to go now.


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