August 21, 2010

R.E.M. Spring and Hair-Nix

A bunch of inventors were hanging out in the inventor's lair the other day bragging about their inventions and trying to one-up each other on the craziest thing they had forced women to do because of what they invented - stiletto heels, under wire bras, control top pantyhose, springs that rip out facial hair... - okay I totally made that all up, the R.E.M. Spring was actually developed by two sisters who were fed up with all the available hair removal methods that were available - but you have to admit, it sounds kind of crazy!  It seems like it could be painful, the spring grabs the hair and pulls it out by the root, but it's actually a slight sting at most, the same you would get using an epilator, the difference being that you don't have to wait for the hair to grow a certain length, as long as they are a couple of millimeters long, the spring can grab them.  And of course there is no plug in or battery so no noise, which makes this a viable television watching activity.

To go along with the R.E.M. Spring there is also a new facial hair growth inhibitor - Hair-Nix, made up of botanical ingredients.  It's oil, alcohol, paraben and petrochemical free.  Contains no artificial fragrances or colours and is suitable for all skin types including sensitive.

There is a slight learning curve figuring out how to use the spring, but once you have it, it's super easy.  Basically you bend the spring into an inverted U-shape, place on the desired area and twist the handles up and down in small, quick movements against the hair growth direction.  Once finished, apply Hair-Nix over the treated areas and it's recommended that you apply it twice daily for the best results.

I decided to try this product in the hopes that it would do something about the peach fuzz on my upper lip.  I'm not a big fan of waxing, it hurts and depilatory creams tend to make me break out.   The spring was easy to use once I got the hang of it and the Hair-Nix gel would have been nice afterwards even if it wasn't meant to do anything except sooth your skin, it's very cooling. The packaging says that most people see results within 28 days and I started to see a noticeable difference in 21.  To be fair, I was only applying the Hair-Nix once a day, I kept forgetting to do it twice, so I might have seen faster results if I had.  What I noticed is that the hair grows back much slower and it seems to be sparser - I don't really give it a chance to find out, as I would rip right back out again.  My tip,  this works a lot better on a clean dry face, I would use it at night after removing my makeup and cleaning my face but before moisturizing.  If I had moisturizer on the spring would slide around and not catch onto the hairs as easily.

You can buy each piece alone:  the spring for $19.95 or Hair-Nix for $39.99.  Or you can buy them as a set including a small size of the Hair-Nix for $24.99 - check out the website to order -

- Lisamarie -


  1. This seems cool..did you have any extra import charges to pay when the product arrived? I'm in Mississauga, and ordered a cream the other day and the import duty fee was $45!! Thanks:)

  2. Nope, no extra charges, that must have been one expensive cream you bought!

    Best, Lisamarie

  3. Thanks Lisamarie! lol yes it certainly turned out expensive! :)


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