August 7, 2010

Be Brazilian Sexy - with or without the wax!

One of the nice things about going on vacation is taking a stack of books and having time to read!  Along with the trash fiction that I love so, I also brought along a bunch of beauty books which I am going to tell you about starting with this one:  Brazilian Sexy by Janea Padilha with Martha Frankel - ISBN 9780399535697 - $25 - written by the owner of the J Sisters Salon in Manhattan and the founder of the brazilian wax - wants all women to have the confidence, fearlessness and sexiness epitomized by Brazilian women.  It's a fun read, although it does give way more details about how Janea got the idea for the brazilian wax then I really needed to know!  The book contains beauty tips, relationship and sex advice as well as lots of common sense - brazilian style.  The chapter titles really give you the flavour for what the book is about so here you go:

1. Finding Your Inner Brazilian - how to have enough confidence to conquer the whole world
2. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow - how less is really so much more
3. Muss-Free Brazilian Glamour - how to make yourself good in minutes, not hours
4. Walk Like a Brazilian - how to make your problems go away
5. Cry Yourself an Amazon River - the cheapest therapy in the world
6. Go with the Flow - how to be flexible
7. The Brazilian Woman's Guide to Men - learn how to sculpt your diamond in the rough
8. What Men Really Think - how to make a good relationship
9. Just Say Yes, Yes, Yes - how to bring the fire back into your sex life
10. My Man - and why I'm still single.

Part autobiography, part self-help, part beauty and all engrossing!

- Lisamarie -

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