August 9, 2010

The Future is Bright... Well, at Least in Australia.

Since I've been watching Australia's next top model religiously - by far the most serious show in the franchise about finding real models and the most bitchy too- I've also been keeping a watch on Australian designers like Collette Dinnigan - and discovered an interesting fashion magazine in the process: FashionTrend. It looks edgy and modern, and this photo shoot looked stunning. I love the contrast between bright flowy fabrics with soft patterns against the metallic architecture.
I was a little concerned by the asymmetrical haircut at first, but you know what? I actually like it!



  1. wow, the clothes are gorgeous and the model is so striking!


  2. Australia represent! :D I love these shots, it reminds me of Aeon Flux or something

  3. Love all the shots except the last one. I don't think the garment looks good in that picture.

  4. Yay for aussies ;) I've got more Aussie stuff coming down the pipe - so watch out!


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