August 11, 2010

What Would You Do if You Had Way Too Much Money? I've Got The Recipe to Spend it All!

Would you buy these ridiculously overpriced items? I bet you've always been dying to wear leggings with holes on your knees like this footballer's wife! What better way to let people know that you don't need knee pads? Paired with a $130 Twenty8Twelve T-shirt from Sienna Miller's line, it's a match made in the dumpster heaven!

If you would like to throw more money down the drain, you could purchase a $130 Hermes coloring book, yes you've read correctly. I suggest you use your Chanel eyeliner or grab a $1000 white gold Mont-Blanc pen to color it with your little boo boo, for a truly priceless bonding time!

You could also buy your 2 year-old cashmere mittens for a mere $115 from the same Hermes store. There is only one problem: there is only one size available for these mittens (2 years) so what happens when your kid outgrows them? Freeze to death? Or worse, buy $5 mittens at ...H&M? Nooooooo!

At last, if you're fed up with bathing in banknotes every morning, you can always buy a few Louis Vuitton bags!

We presented you this $54,000 Louis Vuitton bag a little while ago, but with a bit of luck you could also get the $45,000 LV bag from 2 seasons ago.

Good luck with spending all that money! It's tough but someone's got to do it!



  1. I LOVED this post! It seems like the most ugliest things are the most expensive these days!

    xox Francesca

  2. this is a funny post. it made me laugh! :D

    <3, Mimi

  3. I'm glad you liked the post - now if you will excuse me, I'm off to spend my last pennies on Cashmere mittens and a torn designer t-shirt!

  4. proof that money does not equal good taste.

    thanks for the laugh!


  5. lmao maybe the Hermes team meant it as a joke and someone took them too seriously. Someone somewhere is saying "...oops!" lol

  6. LOL oh god. I bet the sales assistants always laugh to themselves when some idiot buys these things XD

  7. Love the tags: too stupid, too ugly.

    The bags are DISGUSTING, and the fact that I could live on those amounts for 2 or so YEARS.. Sad.


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