August 27, 2010

Selphyl gets your body working for you instead of against you to fight aging!

George Carlin had a whole routine around the 7 words you can never say on television.  I'm a little easier going then that, there are only 3 words that you can never say in my presence - panties, clip and blood - I don't know what it is about them but they just make me cringe!  Panties is always underwear or knickers, clip is cut and blood is that red stuff that I don't talk about because just thinking about it makes me want to faint or vomit or both, needless to say I am hopeless when it comes to needles and I don't get involved with red stuff drives.  I bring this up because I am now going to discuss a new cosmetic filler  - Selphyl - that is actually made up from your very own red stuff!  Normally I would avoid this topic like the plague but you know how fascinated I am by plastic surgery and my fascination is fighting my revulsion and winning!

Now we've talked about fillers before and how they help you regain the youthful "plumpness" that your face loses as you age which up to now has been done with fillers with synthetic or animal-derived materials.  Selphyl, on the other hand, uses human growth factors harvested from our own red stuff to rebuild tissue and erase the signs of years gone by.  The Selphyl system fills in wrinkles, skin depressions and even helps prevent scars.  Selphyl's technology is different from conventional fillers as it works by promoting collagenesis and vascularization to repair tissues instead of filling depressions.  The procedure starts with one or two teaspoons of red stuff being collected from the patient.  The red stuff is then placed in a special patented centrifuge which has been designed and optimized to prepare a Platelet-Rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM) by separating the red and white red stuff cells from the plasma containing the platelets.  The platelets are the key to tissue regeneration and Selphyl's patented system ensures that intact and viable platelets are injected back into your body.  Platelets are rich in human growth factors and release natural regenerating factors over time by stimulating fibroblasts in order to reconstitute the extracellular matrix of the skin, promoting tissue repair, cell growth and collagen production.

What does all of this science-babble actually mean?  Well simply put: the procedure allows the cells in your body to talk to each other and gets your body's own natural healing system to do all the work! And it's pretty easy - 20 minutes, no downtime and results are visible within 3 weeks and have been proven to last for over 12 months.  You can call  1-800-465-3376 to find a qualified doctor in your area or if you are in the GTA the very cute (and qualified) Dr. Cory Torgerson can hook you up!  You can find his website here.  You can also check out the Selphyl website to see other before and after pictures.  You'll notice the results are subtle, but make such a big difference in how the women look afterwards!

If they could find a way to extract my red stuff without aid of a needle, I would totally be all over this!  Or maybe I could just get really drunk before - I'll have to find out if that would be a problem...

- Lisamarie -


  1. Oh man - this sounds completely scary to me!

  2. I have tried this and I highly recommend it. The effect is very subtle and not always exactly as expected but the benefits are very natural and worthwhile. There is also virtualy zero bruising or swelling.


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