August 5, 2010

Chris Brown Wears Retarded Necklaces to Suit His Face and Fergie's Dress Smells.

You know the saying: Once a douchebag, always a douchebag? No? Actually, I've just made that up especially for Chris Brown. He's about to relaunch his career and trying to attract attention with a retarded necklace is his new PR strategy. I didn't want to see his face before but with this kind of fashion statement, I'm almost ready to pay to make him go away!

If Fergie's new fragrance smells like this dress looks...well, I'm prepared for the sweet scent of rotten garbage in the summer. You're probably not lucky enough to know exactly what I mean. Living next door to a downtown club which produces a giant smelly garbage container - courtesy of fermented pizza, cigarette butts, booze and -let's not forget the main ingredient- vomit, left by my fellow Torontonians, gave me first hand experience. That dress looks like what my downtown club produces: garbage.

Hot shoes, though, Fergie, hot shoes.


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