August 16, 2010

Do You Want to be BIGGER THAN KANYE WEST? We Know How!

...without ABUSIVE USE OF CAPITALIZATION! I've got a few ideas to give Kanye a run for his money. Our rapper dons a necklace almost as big as his ego in his latest video called "Power" and since big accessories are all the rage, I prepared my own selection!

How about a big furry hat/cape/roadkill? Ke$ha leads the way with this bizarre combo (even for a stage outfit) to the big accessories mental asylum. A necklace made with Christmas lights paired with gold diaper pants will definitely make you stood out from the crowd (and what's up with the broken toys on stage?).

For a do-it-yourself approach, go to your local hardware store and pick a couple of yards of this beautiful gold chain for a bargain.

If the previous chain is too heavy, you can still pretend with this amazing knitted chain, to be bigger, stronger, faster than Kanye. Knit is so badass!

If you want to be bigger AND weirder, you could purchase a big necklace with a huge cockroach inside or other accessories with bugs (all found on sea of shoes), just to raise the creep factor.

However, if you prefer something more sophisticated, YSL has beautiful bold accessories.

I know which ones I'm going to pick. Hint: it's not the accessories with roaches.


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