January 28, 2011

Lancome Ultra Lavande Spring 2011 - be still my purple heart!

I have been drooling over this collection since before the holidays so I am thrilled that it will finally be in the stores soon - how I will ever choose what to buy is another dilemma altogether!
Butterflies Fever Blush - 01 Glowy Ballerine - $48 - Limited Edition
Ombre Absolue Minérale Eye Shadow Palette - A60 Ultra-Lavande Cold Harmony or A70 Ultra-Lavande Warm Harmony - $54 - Limited Edition
Le French Touch Absolu - 308 Lily Rose, 310 Daisy Rose or 312 Berry Rose - $40 - Limited Edition
Color Fever Gloss Natural Origin - 383 Beige Ballerine or 385 Lavande Ballerine - $31 - Limited Edition
Le Vernis - 359 Lavande or 004 Disco Silver - $16 - Limited Edition
Ombre Magnétique - 01D Disco Gold - $47 - Limited Edition
Ink Artliner - 05 Ultra-Lavande - $38 - Limited Edition
Crayon Khol Naturel - 01 Ballerina Pink or 03 Ultra-Lavande - $28 - Limited Edition

Available February in Department Stores, (some items at) Select Pharmacies and at www.lancome.ca

So help me out here ladies, out of all of this wonderfulness - what do I really NEED?!

- Lisamarie -


  1. I'm thrilled to be telling someone else what they should spend their money on!

    Le Vernis in Lavande, and Crayon Khol Naturel in Ultra Lavande.

    You won't be spending that much, but with purpley lined eyes and tips, the evidence will be out there! Have fun!

  2. Nice collection, the eyeshadow palette is really beautiful as well as the lavender khol :)
    Thanks for sharing ;)

  3. It´s a lovely collection. I love these colors... ;)

  4. this collecion is in store today at the bay , but personnally i didn't like it , too much buterflies and too much glitter

  5. LOL beauty combat! everything you don't like about it makes it sound perfect to me! ;-)

    Best, Lisamarie


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