January 13, 2011

Catalytic Clothing brings new meaning to the term "breathable fabric"!

Fashion does many things for us including making us look and feel better but what if it could actually help us breath better?!  A collaboration between the University of Sheffield, London College of Fashion, and the University of Ulster, the gown is part of a larger project to engage the public in the science of environmental pollution.,

Catalytic Clothing explores how textiles can improve ambient quality, and the self-described textile sculpture, likely the world’s first air-purifying dress, is the first prototype to emerge. Highly experimental, according to the designers, Herself is designed to illustrate how fabrics can eliminate pollutants so we can “breathe more beautifully.”

Of course this dress can't actually be worn as it's actually made from sprayed concrete and embedded with “purifying technology.” Right now it's art but the science behind it could conceivably produce garments that improve respiratory health - how cool is that?

- Lisamarie -

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