January 17, 2011

Gwen Stefani joins up with L'Oréal as their new brand ambassador!

L'Oréal Paris has added another brand ambassador - Gwen Stefani, who will be the face (hair) of the Superior Preference haircolour line and the new Infallible Le Rouge lipcolour line coming in March.

I like that L'Oréal has broken out of the cookie cutter model thing and are using celebrities that are less perfect and more relatable - not that I don't think Gwen is attractive, there's no doubt that she is but I also find her a bit quirky looking which is a nice thing to see!

What do you think?  Are you a fan of Gwen's look?

- Lisamarie -


  1. I think she is absolutely stunning ive always been a fan of her style hair, clothes and makeup :-)


  2. Love Gwen! She has such amazing style and is so beautiful! Great choice by L'Oreal!!!

  3. ooh, the le rouge lipcolour line sounds promising! especially considering gwen's the queen of reds!

  4. I love Gwen! She is my absolute favourite and has the best and simplest look!
    Mary @ Confessions of a Product Hoarder

  5. This is great news! Gwen Stefani is very iconic. Her style and signature makeup always stands out!

  6. Loving Gwen more now that I realized she turned 40 in October like ME. She does have a quirky look to her which makes her more beautiful than a typical model.

  7. She's definitely gorgeous, but she's the kind of beautiful you could run into in real life. More tangible than models in magazines.

  8. L'Oreal said on Twitter that Gwen is wearing 'Blazing Sangria' in the commercial, but I looked at the colours in person, and Blazing Sangria is more of a plum shade. Gwen looks like she's wearing MAC's Russian Red or a blue toned, true red, like L'Oreal's 312.

  9. I always dug Gwen's style when I was growing up.
    I am really excited to see what Reds come out of this line. I recently dyed my hair so I could wear red lipstick again haha.


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