January 6, 2011

Teenflo Spring 2011 - January Collection

Spring isn't even close to being here of course - but spring clothes are!  Here's what you can find in the stores this month from Teenflo.  The collection is full of bright colours, abstract prints and neutral undertones for a balance between hard and soft.  The key hues are cobalt, grey, black, off-white and cocoa and the fabrics are pique double knit, silk, mesh, stretch cotton and viscose jersey.  It embraces the less structured late sixties theme and their inspiration for their novel tonal print pieces were trends from Gucci and Pada's spring collections.  My favourite pieces are:
Viva Dress in black combo - sizes 0-14 - $395
Irene Dress in cobalt (also available in black and off-white) - sizes 0-14 - $295
Lyre Trench in beige - sizes 0-14 - $495

If I didn't love Teenflo for their beautiful and versatile clothes I would still have to love them for their commitment to Canadian manufacturing - but luckily I can love them for both!

Also note that the Teenflo boutiques are changing their name to Judith & Charles - same great clothes, just a new name for the boutique.  You can find Teenflo/Judith & Charles boutiques: Montreal Rockland Centre, Toronto First Canadian Place, Toronto Bayview Village, Calgary Chinook Centre, Calgary The Core, Vancouvr Pacific Centre and Vancouver Oakridge Centre.  And you don't need to be sad if you don't have a store near you - shop online at:  www.teenflo.com - and yes, they will ship to the United States!

Check back at the beginning of February to check out what you will be finding in the boutiques that month!

- Lisamarie -


  1. At the mall today, I was shocked that the stores still had predominantly neutral, gloomy colors, faux fur, boots, and sweaters everywhere - it's retail! You're supposed to be 4 months ahead! I'm expecting to see bikinis here - especially here in California, for heaven's sake! It was all so depressing, I didn't buy a thing :/

  2. I sure wouldn't expect that in California - what would you guys ever do with a sweater?! ;-)

    Best, Lisamarie


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