January 19, 2011

Thanks to Trendenzas - being trendy just became a lot more affordable!

We all know that it can be expensive to be trendy but here's a nifty concept that will take a bit of the sting out of a trendy price tag - Trendenzas.com is an online deal of the day website offering up to the minute trends at a deeply discounted price!  What's the catch?  Well, if you like it, don't wait, jump on it - there is one trend a day with a price that is good for only 24 hours (unless it's on Friday, then you can get it at that price until Sunday night).  Even nicer if you are in the US the price you see is the price you pay including taxes and shipping (outside of the US there is a $6 shipping charge which still isn't bad)!

So put Tendenzas.com on your daily list of websites to check out or even easier, sign up to receive their "The Daily Trend Email" in your inbox!

Here is Tuesday's trend - this extremely cute cocktail ring - retail price of $28 - Trendenzas price of $11!

Go to www.trendenzas.com to check out today's trend! 

What do you think about being on trend?  Is it something you do at any price, would do it the price is right or just can't be bothered with?

- Lisamarie -


  1. It seems a very useful idea. I have already signed up with my e-mail.

  2. the ring is a great deal =)

    i only buy trends if *the price is right* lol.. because i know it's just "a trend".. i might not wear it next year.. i try to spend more money on timeless pieces... like a fitted blazer.. =)


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