January 20, 2011

Paul Walker the new face of Davidoff and what a face it is!

The new face of Davidoff Cool Water Fragrance for men and the father of my future children is Paul Walker! Come July, those piercing blue eyes will be haunting your magazines, television and your dreams - just remember, hands off, he's mine!  I don't really know any of his movies, he's appeared in the type of guy movie that I avoid going to, of course had I realized what I was missing, I would have been more amenable to letting my husband have his choice of movie!  Paul is really into ocean conservation so this particular fragrance seems to be a good match for him.  It's a favourite of mine already so now I have an even better reason to make my husband wear it - he may guess, but he can't prove who I'm thinking about when I nuzzle my nose into his neck...

- Lisamarie -


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