April 24, 2012

Hammam Spa - tranquility awaits you in the heart of Toronto!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - I would make an excellent rich person. There would be none of that keeping my job and going to work stuff, I would spend all my time at the spa - really, there are enough spa services out there that I could get something different done every day!

Hammam Spa is one of the spas that I will be sure to visit often - fashioned on a traditional Turkish bath and even includes an authentic Turkish Steam Room! Just bear in mind that the steam room is co-ed and that during TIFF you might find Colin Farrell hanging out there - either of these things could be construed as negatives, you make up your own mind.

Upon entering Hammam, I could immediately feel the peace and tranquility, and the smell - wow, it just smells great - there is just something about the smell of a spa that just makes me happy!
Services available include: facials ($130-$175), peels ($70), microdermabrasion ($125), massage ($75-$195), body treatments ($120-$140), epilation ($15-$100) - and always my favourite - manicures ($30-$60) and pedicures ($45-$75) - so of course that's what I went for!

As you can see in the pic above, you sit on a throne-like chair for the pedicure - great for having a pedicure party - you can all just sit in a row and chat, or if you want solitude the curtain can come down to separate the stations! The lovely Morgan made quick work of my winter-abused feet and she didn't even roll her eyes when I changed my mind about polish colour and made her hunt down the perfect turquoise! I left with hands and feet that you wouldn't know had ever done a day of work!

I heard that some of our crazy lovely readers do not enjoy spa-ing, I won't pretend to understand it but I will give you another reason to check out Hammam - beauty products of course! Shop lines like Juara (an amazing botanical line), Naturelle D'Orient (an organic Argan oil line), Altru and faves like Dermalogica - maybe the atmosphere will inspire you to get something done too!

You'll find Hammam Spa at 602 King Street West in Toronto - 416-366-4772

- Lisamarie -


  1. That place looks absolutely gorgeous! Very heavenly... where's your Mani? I wanna see? Lol thanks for these peace full picks!!

  2. Actually you can see it - that's why the mani in my Dior post looks so good! ;-)


    Best, Lisamarie


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