April 4, 2012

When it comes to GS hair appliances - good things really do come in mini packages!

When you look at cute little hair appliances like these do you automatically think of how great for travel they are? I won't argue, these compact little beauties are perfect for throwing in a suitcase and saving a ton of space! But I have to say, I think GS is missing out on a huge untapped market by suggesting them for travel - specifically booty calls! How many times have you spent the night at a guys place only to take a shower in the morning and realize that the boy does not possess a hairdryer, never mind a curling or flat iron?! It's bad enough having to do the walk of shame wearing yesterday's clothes, never mind limp, unstyled hair! I'm not saying you should lug around all 3 in your purse but you could certainly have your first choice in there if you're feeling lucky...

Or say you have a boyfriend who won't let you keep any stuff at his place, or at the very most, allows you a little drawer in the bathroom - no way are you fitting a full sized dryer in there and seriously, you must be sick of lugging yours back and forth to his place - mini hair appliances, problem solved!

And he'll be happy to know they come in black and bright pink, men love bright pink stuff in their bathrooms!

GS Mini Performance Dryer - $49.95 - offers hot and powerful air flow with tourmaline and ceramic infused heater, two speed/heat integrated switch, dual voltage switch for worldwide travel, removable filter for easy clean up, folding handle creates compact size which is great for traveling and includes concentrator nozzle.

GS Mini Performance Curl - $39.95 - with dual voltage for worldwide use, a genuine tourmaline infused 1" ceramic barrel to create volume, bounce and full sized curls, max 400°F for professional results an swivel cord.

GS Mini Performance Flat - $39.95 - offers genuine tourmaline gems that generate negative ion and infrared heat to guarantee smoother and silkier hair, easy to grip comfortable handles, dual voltage for worldwide use, max 400°F for professional results, swivel cord and floating plates which help to eliminate unnecessary pressure that can pull and snag the hair

Available now at Trade Secrets - www.tradesecrets.ca

- Lisamarie -


  1. I went to look but the Trade Secrets website is no more. What is Trade Secrets, by the way? Does it have anything to do with the GS appliances being available only until Friday?

    1. Sorry, my mistake the link should have been .ca not .com - try it again! The Friday thing was a joke - as in get one before your friday night booty call - didn't mean to confuse you! ;-)

      Best, Lisamarie

  2. BooBooNinja, very cute profile picture, first of all. Just to clarify your question. Trade Secrets is a Canadian beauty retailer. We have many stores in malls and power centres in Ontario and Quebec, and New Brunswick, British Columbia and Alberta (under the name Glamour Secrets). The brand GS Professional is made by Trade Secrets and it's exclusively at our stores. Hope that clears your question. -Christina


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