August 28, 2012

China Glaze Real Nail Polish Appliques - with Loop Hole swatches!

{overheard conversation between two random people one of whom is obviously an asshole}
What?! Lisamarie is doing nail wrap reviews?! Where's Elvira, Elvira always does these - Lisamarie is too spastic and loser-ish to be able to get these suckers on her fingers!
I know right? But there you go, miracles happen, heavens part, angels sing yadda yadda so shut the hell up and enjoy the review and if the fates align properly you will see a review from Elvira next week!

China Glaze Real Nail Polish Appliques - $11 - come in 12 designs and promise to be easy to apply - of course when they say that they mean easy to apply for people who have normal sized nails and aren't moronic which generally means - not for me! But since my usual nail wrap tester is running behind I figured this would be an excellent test of how easy to apply these things actually are!

In theory it should be fine: push back cuticles, shape nails, prepare nail surface and wipe off dirt and oil - all of which I am already qualified to do! Now comes the tricky part when I have to pick a size and remove the cover and apply it to my nail except I forget to remove the backing as well and couldn't understand why the strip was so thick and wouldn't bend! Finally it's properly on my nail and I just need to stretch and smooth it, crease it at the nail edge and file off the excess - then repeat 9 more times and finish with a top coat!

My issue with these strips are usually that they are so wide that I would have to cut them down so much to actually fit my nails that they end up a mess but I guess because these ones are stretchy, they don't make them as wide so I didn't have to butcher them at all!
All things considered, I'm pretty impressed with myself and how they turned out - looking at the picture I can see a couple of places I should have stretched them out a bit more, but overall, it's pretty good for a nail wrap virgin - even my husband likes them, he says they look like the kind of wallpaper that Roger Sterling would have in his office - at least I'm assuming that's a compliment...!

It's true I will be picking bits of wrap out of the carpet and couch for months but that's a small price to pay for proving to the world that I am NOT a nail strip loser!

They are supposed to last 7 days - I'm on day 4 now and they are still going strong - no chips or rips so I'm fully expecting them to last out the week!

You can check out the whole selection of designs and pick up some of your own here:

- Lisamarie - 


  1. These look great! Love the pattern!

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  3. china glaze is making these now?! i'm so excited! they're my favorite nail polish :) wonder if/when they'll be available in the US?


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