August 7, 2012

Pretty In The City Lash & Beauty Bar has something new that will allow you to throw out your eyelash curler!

I've had lots of different treatments in the name of beauty but before Pretty In The City, I'd never even heard of a lash lift before - I mean there are a lot of things that I expect I will have lifted in the future - my boobs, my butt, my face, even my spirits but I never even considered lifting my lashes!

You aren't totally out of it if you haven't heard of this treatment either - it's popular in the UK but a new thing in Canada and I don't expect it will remain a secret for long!

Since I'm always game to try something new I headed to Pretty In The City last week to have my lashes lifted by the lovely Ana.

The Lash Lift isn't like traditional eyelash perms which use sponge rods and curl the lashes backwards and have the downside of possibly creating inconsistent curls or can make your lashes look short and stubby, instead lashes are lifted upwards creating illusion of longer lashes which opens up the eyes dramatically giving you a wide-eye look.

Here's their promo before/after shot:

The treatment itself wasn't the least bit uncomfortable - a silicone pad was used to lift each lash individually. The solution used is similar to a traditional perm solution so it doesn't smell the greatest but they give you a mask to block out most of the smell so the whole procedure is very tolerable, takes about an hour and will set you back $65.

One thing to note if you have blonde tipped lashes like me - I was told at first  that I wouldn't have good results with the lift because my lashes are too short - of course they aren't short just really light so I made her take a second look - this would have been a good reason to have the tint first!
They recommend that along with the lift you have your lashes tinted which can be done 2 days before or after the lift (the lift and tint are $80 or $25 for just the tint). If I had been smart I would have gotten the tint first so you would be able to see my lashes in the before pic and have gotten the full lift effect in the after - but I'm not that smart so I pulled a before pic from one of my Mascara Monday posts.

 And below is after the lift and the tint:
Pretty awesome right? For the next 4-6 weeks I can look forward to extra time in the morning because unless I want a more dramatic look, I can totally skip mascara!

Pretty In The City also offer lots of other services including Eyelash Extensions, Brows, Waxing, Manicures, Pedicures and Makeup Applications. Find more info at or book an appointment at 416-482-8688. You'll find them at 2369 Yonge Street, 2nd Floor in Toronto.

- Lisamarie -


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  2. did you tip? if so, how much? thanks!


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