August 15, 2012

Marmalade the cat reviews his ultimate nemesis - the Dyson Animal DC43 - watch the fur fly!

Greetings furless ones - I expect you have no idea all the challenges and hard work that come with being a cat. You see all the sleeping and eating and think it looks easy but really, you don't have the fortitude to do this job!

The most difficult and rewarding part of cat-life is fur production. Which consists of the growing of fur, the grooming of fur and the all important shedding of fur.

Being the magnanimous sort, I like to share it with my humans. I leave it on the couch, on their pants (black in my favourite) and to make walking more comfortable for them, I like to spread a nice thick layer on the carpet!

Sadly, appreciation for my selfless act is in short supply and over the years the humans have brought in large, noisy machines to undo all of my hard work. I (and my predecessors) have managed to take them all down as they were no match for our fur! That is until one dark day...

My human was far too thrilled for my taste when Dyson started selling their wares in Canada several years back and immediately brought home a DC14 Animal model - the distressing thing about it is no matter how hard my brother and I try, the damn thing just won't die! So you can imagine our dismay when the newest version DC43 Animal came to live in our house! I will let the human discuss the pros and cons as I would only have cons for obvious reasons...

The Dyson DC43 Animal looks pretty much the same as my DC14 although there have been some improvements made since the older model most notably the ball technology which really does make for super easy maneuverability. As well, the cleaner head self-adjusts for optimal contact - even on hard floors and is also thinner which makes it easier to get under furniture. The vacuum itself is smaller so it looks like they've found a way to make the motor more compact but strangely, it feels heavier to me.

It sucks stuff up like a dream thanks to the Radial Root Cyclone technology which is an upgrade from the Root 8 Cyclone technology in my old machine the real selling feature in both being that it really doesn't matter how full the bin is, it still picks up!

There are a couple of things that I don't think are an improvement: it now has a pedal-free automatic recline mechanism which saves you that really difficult stepping movement but I find that I can't roll the vacuum around on it's back wheels like I do with my old one to move it around the house, the mechanism releases really easily and doesn't like to do wheelies! I also find the bin on the new one is also much smaller, this is a problem when you have 2 cats, I have to dump the bin much more often and I also find the bin space is thinner so when you get a lot of cat hair in there it gets stuck and I'm having to stick my fingers in to loosen up the hair so it will fall out. If you would fix those 2 things Dyson I would declare this machine practically perfect!

It also includes some attachment tools including a mini-turbine head to clean pet hair and dirt from confined spaces such as upholstery, stairs and the car; a stiff bristle brush for cleaning mud and dried-in dirt; an articulating hard floor tool; and if you have one of those dog-type animals you might be interested in the groom tool so you can suck the fur off at the source. If you value your life don't even try and come near a cat with one of those things, it makes them very bitey (I admit it, I tried)!

Of course this kind of technology doesn't come cheap and will set you back $699.99 - there are tons more features and benefits that you can check out at I for one love my Dyson and that it bugs the crap out of Marmalade is just an added bonus...
This isn't exactly Tiananmen Square but we all have to make a stand for what's right!
I worked very hard to make all that fur that you just gobbled up you insufferable machine!
I'll give you this Dyson, you do make an excellent box!
Back to work I go - hear this Dyson Animal - you'll get tired of picking up my fur before I get tired of shedding it - I will beat you yet or go bald trying!

- Marmalade -


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