August 18, 2012

Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference - for healthy, radiant, clear-looking skin - no matter what the type!

Skincare just got a lot less confusing over at Elizabeth Arden - introducing Visible Difference, a spa-inspired, regimen-focused essential skincare line that helps balance skin to reveal its natural health and radiance.

Visible Difference Combination Skin Regimen - for optimal balance in oil control, hydration and treatment

Skin Balancing Exfoliating Cleanser - 125ml - $24 - with gentle action micro-beads to cleanse and exfoliate
Skin Balancing Toner - 200ml - $24 - alcohol-free, it gently removes impurities to refine skin and pores
Skin Balancing Lotion - 50ml - $48 - oil-free with a blend of powerful botanical extracts and advanced moisture boosters to reverse dryness and maintain skin's moisture equilibrium
Skin Balancing Lotion SPF 15 - 50ml - $48 - oil-free and lightweight lotion that provides hydration as well as helps protect skin from UVA/UVB rays and pollution
Skin Balancing Night Cream - 50ml - $53 - contains a youth preserving complex to revitalize the look of skin while you sleep

Visible Difference Oily Skin Regimen - to help minimize oil and balance moisture

Oil-Free Cleanser - 125ml - $24 - oil-free and foaming, it helps minimize the look of pores without drying skin
Oil-Free Toner - 200ml - $24 - oil-free it instantly eliminates shine by absorbing surface oils and relieving clogged pores
Oil-Free Lotion - 50ml - $48 - oil-free and ultra-light it delivers instant and lasting shine control and hydration where needed

Visible Difference Dry Skin Regimen - to help restore balance and promote hydration in the skin's surface levels

Gentle Hydrating Cleanser - 125ml - $24 - gentle and creamy with micro-milled oats it removes impurities and makeup while softly exfoliating skin
Gentle Hydrating Toner - 200ml - $24 - refreshes skin while sweeping away dull cells and surface film
Gentle Hydrating Cream - 50ml - $48 - sloughs away typical dry skin symptoms of dullness, flakiness, tightness and roughness
Gentle Hydrating Cream SPF 15 - 50ml - $48 - provides deep hydration and includes SPF15 to prevent sun damage
Gentle Hydrating Night Cream - 50ml - $53 - helps skin visibly repair and recover from daytime damage to look and feel firmer and more resilient

Visible Difference Specialist Treatments - complements the three regimens for healthy looking skin

Brightening Eye Gel - 15ml - $41 - packed with natural extracts the enliven tired-looking eyes, reduce the look of puffiness and target dark circles
Moisturizing Eye Cream (Fragrance-Free) - 15ml - $41 - helps prevent moisture loss and maintain skin's optimal moisture balance as it targets dark circles under eyes
Visible Difference Optimizing Skin Serum - 30ml - $60 - gives skin a healthy looking glow by renewing its clarity and texture
Good Morning Retexturizing Primer - 15ml - $41 - an invigorating morning treatment to instantly wake up your skin with an instant infusion of botanical boosters and vitamin A.
Peel & Reveal Revitalizing Mask - 50ml - $44 - works to exfoliate, retexturize and smooth skin - and let's face it, what's more fun then pulling a peel off mask off your face?!
Hydration Boost Night Mask - 75ml - $41 - hydrates parches skin leaving it feeling touchably soft and smooth

Available now at all Elizabeth Arden counters - Shoppers Drug Mart, Sears, The Bay, London Drugs and Pharma Plus.

- Lisamarie -

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