August 30, 2012

Prtty Peaushun - for supermodel worthy legs in a bag!

There are certain things in life that nobody should ever have to see: a bar (and the people in it) at 3am when they turn all the lights on; your parents naked; the men's washroom at Kennedy station at 8pm; and my pasty, neon-white legs!

I can't help you with any of the other stuff but I can save you from certain snow-blindness after staring at my legs thanks to:

Prtty Peaushun Skin Tight Body Lotion - 236ml - $40 - the best way to describe it is as makeup for legs but as well as that, it's full of good stuff that will also help improve the condition of your skin by lifting, firming, tightening and diminishing the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks and varicose veins as well as minimizing bruising and sore muscles - including: avocado oil and butter, pomelo/grapefruit wax, jojoba gel, calendula flower, green tea extract, rosemary extract, allantoin, arnica and blue vervain leaf in a formula that is 99.7% natural with no toxic ingredients, parabens, petrochemicals, sulfates, synthetic dyes or fragrances, talc or animal products.

Created by celebrity makeup artist, Bethany Karlyn exclusively for her clients, she gave in to demand and made it available to everyone who had legs, aspires to have legs or just likes the idea of legs. It comes in four shades: light, medium, dark and deep dark which have subtle light reflecting pigments to give a natural radiance that helps even out skin tone, enhance muscle tone and make you look slimmer. What I really like is the packaging or as Bethany puts it the "anti-packaging" - it drives me crazy when I buy a product and then can't get the last of it out because of stupid packaging - this tetra pak type deal allows you to squeeze out he very last drop as well as being designed to take up minimal space in landfills.

The best thing about it though is the instant gratification aspect. Unlike a self tanner, I don't have to wait a couple of hours for a (possibly streaky) colour to develop - I get instant colour which is so important for that last minute skirt wearing occasion! The texture is very spreadable but not too runny, once it's on I don't feel like it's about to rub off on everything or I can't touch it and even though they say it's unscented, I smell citrus which is a plus in my book!

If you are pasty white like me though I will say get the light shade - I thought the medium would be fine for me but it's a bit too dark - or at least after looking at colourless legs for so long, it seems dark to me!

You can find more info at and pick up your own public service at boutiques across Canada including Epic Beauty in Edmonton, Beauty Mark in Vancouver, Kiss and Makeup in West Vancouver Rosewater Spa in Burlington, Adelaide Club and Waxon Waxbar in Toronto and Health Hut Boutique in Port Carling.

Of course this also means that on some days, you can no longer see my legs from space...

- Lisamarie -


  1. Hi!

    That's a good idea to put the body lotion in a bag. i think it's greener than the regular plastic and pump... and you can recharge easily your own pump.
    I will try it asap, i love the work done by bethany karlyn...
    thanks for the news!


  2. This sounds like an awesome product! Very convenient;)


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