August 1, 2012

Eye Love Wednesday - Peptalash

If you've been wanting to try a lash enhancer but have been put off by the high price tags or already use one but are tired for paying so much then will you ever be happy to hear about:

Peptalash - $24.99 - contains a combination of clinically proven peptides that work together to promote lashes that appear longer (as much as 43 per cent) and fuller (up to almost three times the volume). As well, one of the peptides naturally boost the pigmentation process of the skin on the lash line, stimulating the melanin production in the skin which leads to a more intense and dark lash line.

It's easy to use, just apply morning and evening to the base of the upper and lover eyelashes with the applicator brush - although I've been skipping the lower lashes because I don't want them any longer!

I've been using it for a month now and I can definitely see the difference my lashes are much longer and a bit thicker - it's taken me a month to get results because I keep forgetting to put in on twice a day, once is all I seem to be able to handle - you still get results, it just takes twice as long! When trying to take a picture to show you the difference I realized that my damn lashes are so blonde on the tips that you couldn't see a difference at all so here are a couple of Mascara Monday pictures - they are both L'Oreal Voluminous False Fibre (just different colours) so I figure it's a pretty fair comparison!
 Here's a pic from 6 months ago.
And here's after using Peptalash - nice right?!

Available now exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart.

- Lisamarie -


  1. The after photo looks good. Seems like a good product!

  2. The difference is amazing. Your lashes now look so pretty! In your recent picture each lash is visible separately and look lush. So is this a product that one has to use regularly and over time it has an effect or does this product have instant reaction?

    1. Over time - twice a day for at least 2 weeks for results - or if you're forgetful like me, once a day for a month! ;-)

      Best, Lisamarie

  3. My wee little lashes are crying for this now!


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