August 1, 2012

RoC Smoothing Scrub - beauty doesn't have to be painful!

Hate scrubs because you find they are too harsh, too drying or just plain don't work? Be prepared for your hate to turn to love with:

RoC Smoothing Scrub - 125ml - $19 - combines gentle yet effective exfoliating and cleansing benefits with moisturizing ingredients to leave skin soft, smooth and more radiant. Along with micro-exfoliating beads, it has a formula infused with Bentonite clay which is used as a soft cleansing agent to remove excess oil and impurities as well as Glycerin for optimal moisturization of the skin.

I'm not a fan of scrubs with nut pieces or any other exfoliant which can tear at my skin so I really appreciate the beads - they are perfectly round so there is no worry of microscopic skin damage and I like that it moisturizes so that my skin doesn't feel tight after using.

It's the perfect thing to use before applying a mask, because it gets rid of all the dead skin, the mask has an even better opportunity to do it's thing!

- Lisamarie -


  1. Is it bad that I am really attracted to the pink packaging?

    1. If loving pink is wrong - I don't want to be right! ;-)

      Best, Lisamarie


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