August 8, 2012

Eye Love Wednesday - Bausch + Lomb Biotrue

Bausch + Lomb Biotrue - 120ml - $5.99, 300ml - $10.99, 300ml x 2 - $19.99 - a solution inspired by the biology of your eyes with three bio-inspired innovations for healthy and comfortable vision:

1. a pH that matches tears - which fall into a range of 7.3 - 7.7 - Biotrue has a pH of 7.5 and helps reduce stinging and discomfort;

2. a lubricant that keeps lenses moist and comfortable - hyaluronan is found naturally in the body and eyes and can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water to help keep lenses moist and comfortable by forming a moisture-rich cushion that lasts all day;

3. and a special formulation that helps keep certain beneficial tear proteins active - as well as dissolve and remove denatured proteins which can build up on lenses and cause blurred vision. For comfort that lasts throughout the day and into the night!

I could wear contacts but don't because I have this phobia about sticking my fingers in my eyes so I had my  friend Wendy test drive this solution and here's what she had to say:

"Since contacts are something you stick in your eyes, you would think I would be really careful to keep mine clean but I admit to having a bad habit of not cleaning them properly or using inappropriate liquids to clean or store them when I find myself without my solution (make a note, you can but really shouldn't use vodka). As a result I often wander around with stinging and/or blurry vision.

Turns out, not only is vodka a bad cleanser, so is my usual solution when compared to Biotrue! I now know that the sign of a good product is when I no longer feel or am aware my contact lenses and have to think about it for a couple of seconds to remember actually putting them in!"

Available now at drug, mass and grocery stores - from now on, all vodka is for drinking!

- Lisamarie -


  1. This is so crazy that you posted this review. I was just doing some research on this brand a few hours ago! Weird! Lol I never wore contacts in myblife up until a few weeks ago when I reviewed some from AngelContacts. They are amazing! I was freaked like you from sticking my fingers in my eyes haha and really its not that bad. Super easy once you get the hang of it ;) My problem now is finding the right solution! I bought Complete Care Multi-Purpose solution because it does it all. Cleans, disinfects, rinses and you can also soak the lens in it. Well this stuff is like pure FIRE! My eyes have never stung and wateres so bad! Omg! I didn't know my eyes were so sensitive. But I guess they are! Knowing this info. What solution would your friend Wendy recommend? I'm at a loss as there is so many different kinds and I dont wanna spend a million dollars trying tobfind one that doesnt feel like its blinding me! Lol thanks for the great review! Hoping this might be the solution I am looking for!

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