August 6, 2012

Mascara Monday - LUSH Eyes Right Mascara

LUSH Eyes Right Mascara - $18.95 - a simple and gentle mascara that can be worn by those with even the most sensitive of eyes. Containing only one preservative (compared to the common 4-6), meaning much less chance of irritation. It has wheatgrass as the key ingredient as well as being packed full of vitamins and minerals to really condition and nourish the lashes and Japan and Carnauba wax to help it set so it won't flake or smudge.
Don't be fooled, the mascara is on the left hand eye only - I actually had my lashes dyed last week which is what you are seeing on the right - more to come on that tomorrow!
This mascara is pretty much strictly accentuating - even with a couple of coats and trying to coax some volume out of it, nothing much happens.
With a natural look and natural ingredients, this is a great mascara for those sensitive eyed among you. My complaint is with the application - I had black spots all over my eyelids (which you can see if you look closely) during application. I don't know if it's because the wand is so short that it kept hitting my eyelids or it's just due to my natural spaziness but this isn't a mascara I would use if I was short of time!

- Lisamarie -


  1. Wow this is very unique and new style of mascara bottle . I would love to try this . The results are good . Thanks for sharing <3

  2. the wand is SO tiny on that mascara. that's really my only problem about it

  3. So it looks like a mascara for daytime, when you want very black lashes but without a fake/dramatic look, right?
    The applicator is so weird, I mean the cap (fun but not handy).
    I'm so curious about this Lush line, anyway!

  4. I've been super curious about the mascara more than any other product. Love Lush, but I don't think this is a product for me.


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