August 2, 2012

L'Oréal Arginine Resist X3 - restores super strength to your hair!

Who wouldn't like JLo's hair - come to think of it, I'll take JLo's anything (except her soon to be ex, yuck) - most of which probably isn't happening but her thick, healthy hair might be something that's actually achievable thanks to a new hair care line from L'Oréal!

It's easier to have beautiful hair when you're young but as you age your body suffers and is less forgiving of hormonal imbalances, malnutrition, exhaustion, pregnancy, menopause and stress, all of which affect the hair. On top of that we are constantly abusing it with hair dryers, curling and flat irons - not to mention all the brushing, combing, colouring, bleaching and god knows what else - it's a wonder we have any hair left on our heads at all! What we are left with is hair that is weak, fragile, dry, sensitive, rough with split ends - damaged with a higher risk of disappearing!

Problems of weakness and fragility begin at the very surface of the hair. Gradually, the scales (what the hair fiber is made up of - proper cohesion of these scales is what gives the hair its strength) detach and hair loss will occur. As the hair weakens, protein content decreases and the hair loses its strength.

Is there a solution? Of course...

L'Oréal Arginine Resist X3 obviously contains Arginine - an essential amino acid and one of the major protein components of the hair - it's strongly attracted to fragile hair and as significant quantities can attach to the hair, it reinforces the strength of the hair - as a matter of fact without it, hair stops growing - so a line full of it can only be a good thing!

The collection includes:

Shampoo - 385ml - $5.99 - a reinforcing shampoo with a rich creamy texture that deposits arginine on the hair from roots to ends. Hair fibers are restructured with the very first application so hair regains its power and strength.

Conditioner - 385ml - $5.99 - reinforces and increases the action of the shampoo by increasing the concentration of arginine on the hair fiber. Restored and protected, the hair is less vulnerable to the effects of brushing and combing and untangles easily.

Reinforcing Spray - 200ml - $6.99 - an intensive treatment that penetrates ultra-quickly, targeting the roots of the hair. A no-rise product designed to be massaged into the scalp, this reinforcing spray treatment activates microcirculation around the bulb to optimize nutritional exchanges so the hair grows more resistant.

Instant Miracle - 200ml - $6.99 - an intensive rise-out treatment with a texture that takes action cell by cell, for immediate transformation. 

Mask - 300ml - $6.99 - a reinforcing serum mask that provides intense care to fragile hair fibers. With a rich, meltingly soft texture that rises out easily, the formula complements the effectiveness of Arginine for truly strong results.

Available this month at drug, mass and grocery stores across Canada.

- Lisamarie -


  1. Oh no, is this Canada only? I wonder if maybe I could find it on Amazon.

  2. I'm sure it must be in the States too - you guys usually get stuff before we do!

    Best, Lisamarie

  3. i just bought today the spray conditioner....this stuff smells amazing.

  4. This product line is exactly what it claims.. Amazing. I recommend it 100%. After having two kids my hair started falling out and never stopped. So its been 8 years of that. After i started using this product line my hair barely falls out anymore. Not to mention its shiny, has more volume, smooth (no frizz) and smells amazing. Plus right now its on sale at walmart :)


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