January 29, 2010

Come on people, plastic bags are so 2007! Credo Bags has your solution!

I am proud to say that I haven't had need of plastic grocery bags for years now.  Way back when, when Loblaws introduced their "bin" shopping we bought 3 of the bins and have never needed a grocery bag since.  Could I be doing better?  Of course!  Fruits and vegetable, bulk foods, breads all go into those thin plastic bags that aren't even good for reusing so into the garbage they go!  Those clever folks at Credo Bags have come up with an entire eco-shopping system!  You may never have to touch a plastic bag again!

100% cotton canvas Tote - $18 - It comes in other designs as well.  This is a strong durable tote that is machine washable which is what I like most about fabric bags - when they get gross and dirty, you just throw them in the washing machine.

100% cotton mesh large (12x15) Produce Bag -$7 - these also come in a medium (10x12)size - $5.50.  They have a drawstring closure and are machine washable.  I think these are brilliant!  Not only do you not have to waste those plastic produce bags anymore you won't have to stand in the aisle for 5 minutes trying to get the stupid thing open.  I also just realized that this would make a great bag for machine washing your delicates in!

100% cotton muslin Wine Bag - 2 pack - $14 - these would be wonderful to use as a wine gift bag for that eco-friendly giftee in your life.  These would also be great to take to the LCBO to carry your wine home in.  All they give you are those lousy paper bags with no handles now!  Now if Credo would make ones like these that said "Vodka" Christelle would be all over them and buy caseloads!

Also available are various sized bulk food bags, snack bags, lunch bags and even baguette bags!

For some reason this one really tickles me - 100% cotton woven String Market Shopper - $12 - If I was the sort of person that shopped in farmer's markets I would totally get one of these, they seem so chic and french.  I would also need a beret and to start smoking so maybe I will just pass on that.  Remember this bag is only good if you eat nice, healthy stuff - I mean, do you really want everyone to know that you buy Ben & Jerry's in bulk...?

Credo Bags are available in store and online across North America.  You can go here to find the location closest to you.

- Lisamarie -

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