January 11, 2010

Everything's coming up roses at Jo Malone!

You may to be old for a story book but you are just the right age for Jo Malone Red Roses Fragrance Chronicle!  What is it?  A romantic rose scent with three accompanying accords.  It contains a 30ml bottle of the Red Roses Cologne - composed from seven of the world’s most expensive varieties of roses as well as a 9ml bottle each of Moroccan Mint Leaf (herbaceous mint and sweet basil, blended with water jasmine and violet), Ice Rose (unique frozen ice accord) and Honeycomb (sweet honey, artfully blended with precious woods and resins) - layer any combination of the four to create your own signature scent.  This is my favourite thing about Jo Malone fragrances, I always feel like a little chemist!

Now I'm thinking this would make a perfect Valentine's Day gift from your honey!  All you need to do is leave this page open on your computer with a post it note attached to the screen saying "Gee, I wish SOMEONE would get this for me for Valentine's Day!"  - luckily men only require very subtle hints like that!

Available in Canada at Holt Renfrew for $110.

- Lisamarie -


  1. Let me know if it works.lol

  2. That's way to subtle for Neil. I would have to tattoo the name of the product backwards on his forehead so he would see it when he looked in the mirror - he possibly might remember then...

    ;-) Lisamarie

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