January 31, 2010

Grammy's Red Carpet: Back to The Future


I know this dress is clearly out there, yet I find it strangely awesome. Lady Gaga collaborated with Armani to create this unique look.

Her eye makeup is pretty gorgeous too. Drag Queens of the world, you've found your match!

I was seriously distracted by her crazy weave when Beyonce performed "If I were a boy" but I loved all her outfits tonight. This Stephane Rolland dress is beautiful although this is definitely not the best color for her.

 Mary J. Blige keeps it sexy in Gucci.

Thank god, Britney was there to bring crazy to the party! I fail to see how this D&G outfit is attractive or innovative. Plus Britney's fishnets are ripped! Her hair is the most beautiful I've seen in a long time, though.

Blinding. Wait. Let me grab my shades. No, she still looks like a crazy hippie lady.
All she needs is a goat and a flute.

Now, some dude from Jersey Shore brought a touch of class to this red carpet. Finally!
Looks like the open shirt thing is a new red carpet douchebag trend, as Katy Perry's (Katy is dressed like your grandma, again!) boyfriend demonstrates in the background. Pictures really didn't do justice to Rihanna's Elie Saab gown. She did look stunning on stage. Overall, this red carpet was much better than the Golden Globes'!


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