January 30, 2010

Pucker up for some scented lip balms from North American Hemp Co., Burt's Bees and The Body Shop!

So I have this weird thing (let's be honest, one of many weird things) where I am incapable of having bare lips.  During the day I wear lipstick or gloss, overnight I wear a treatment of some kind and when I get home and take off my makeup I have to put something on my lips or they feel naked!  I generally go with a colourless lip balm and am always on the hunt for the best smelling ones - these are my favourites right now: 
North American Hemp Co. - all natural lip balm - Canadian Maple - $6.99 - It also comes in Green Apple, Berry Sublime and Mint-o-Licious.  The maple smells amazing!  Exactly like Dare Maple Leaf Cookies (did you know they have a Facebook page here?)  So much so that on my next trip to the grocery store after I started using this I was compelled to buy the cookies.  So I probably don't recommend this balm if you are trying to diet and have a weakness for cookies!  Also great is that it is totally non-waxy - you know how with some balms you have to dig your finger in to the pot to get some of it on your finger.  With this one you just swirl your finger around on the top and the product just melts onto your finger - I totally love it!  It's made with organic hemp seed oil as are all the products from this company - I will definitely be checking out more items from this line and will keep you updated!

Burt's Bees Super Shiny Natural Lip Gloss - Sheer Lemon & Juicy Peach - $9.99 - These are the two new shades for the line.  I know they aren't really a lip balm but there are so many different oils (sunflower, sweet almond and natural citrus essential oils) in the ingredients that I find it just as moisturizing as a balm and I like a shiny lip!  They are also 100% natural.  I'm partial to the sheer lemon because it smells like lemons!  Strangely, the juicy peach also smells like lemons.  The peach also has a bit of colour so if you want to glam yourself up for the cable guy's service call, it's a good choice!  I also use these over lipsticks when I want to shine them up!
The Body Shop Lip Butter - Wild Cherry - $8 - I do find this one to be a bit on the waxy side but the smell is so good that I let that slide.  My other favourite scent is Satsuma!  Pucker up buttercup!
- Lisamarie -

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