January 24, 2010

Money Can Buy Love, It Can't Buy Taste

It's time for some weekend fun! Kanye "Fish Stick" West looking here like a Professor in Douchebaggery with this fur coat. Is he about to travel across the Siberian Tundra? Is it minus 50 degrees outside? And why wearing fur if you're only going to wear a T-shirt underneath? I guess I need to study more to get that PhD in Douchebaggery.

David Hasselhoff's love of all shiny things is well documented, and this black suit is no exception. Dear Lord. It looks like vinyl. Fire your stylist, David. If you have one, that is.

I love her. Whoever she is...Phoebe something something. I love this mess: the matching shoes and gloves, the big necklace, the funky tights...I mean separately, the pieces would not be so bad, but all together, it's an explosion of bad taste.

Can't type anyyymore. I spat my drink on my keyboard.


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