January 25, 2010

L'Oréal lash serum - batting your eyes never looked so good!

It was ridiculous how pleased I was when I saw that my friends at L'Oréal had come out with a lash serum - $14.95.  For years I was using the Mavala one but it kept getting harder and harder to find and eventually disappeared altogether from the shelves.  Now it doesn't matter, this L'Oréal one is a great replacement!  I wasn't sure how I would like the plastic wand applicator since I was accustomed to using a brush but it was fine.  If you think you might hate the wand, then buy the duo Christelle tries below, it has a standard brush.  The serum is meant to be used twice a day and I really liked it under my mascara.  I tend to wear lengthening mascaras and the serum made the application seem smoother and I swear I am losing less eyelashes when removing my makeup.  This ones a keeper!

The L'Oréal Double Extend with Lash Serum Mascara -$14.95 has two brushes: a white serum enriched basecoat to extend your lashes, and another one to color them. It certainly does a good job with the lengthening, and while I still reach for my Voluminous mascara when I want extra volume, Double Extend mascara makes my lashes look longer without any clump at all. It's also easy to remove. Definitely a good purchase if you are after longer lashes.

- Lisamarie & Christelle -

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